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Precision Nutrition is a company that specialises in Soil and Crop Nutrition and Health. This is important for PROFITS, YIELDS and FERTILITY on your farm. We believe everything starts with your soil. We will carry out a detailed analysis on soil and all forage crops including, fresh grass, silage, maize, Alfalfa/Lucerne and provide advice on how best to INCREASE production from your soil and grass and reduce your costs. This will lead to HIGHER PROFITS.

To help farmers manage their soil efficiently, we need to first test the soil. We will take a soil sample from the TWO most important areas on your farm, the Grazing Platform and also your Silage Ground. These areas are vital to increasing your PROFITS, YIELDS and the FERTILITY of your cows.


During the growing season, we will test the mineral levels in your growing forage crops e.g. Grass, Maize, Whole Crop, Alfalfa/ Lucerne and Provide Recommendations on How to MAXIMISE the YIELDS from your forage crops.

Our soil Sampling will help,
INCREASE Grass & Forage Yields
REDUCE Your Feeding Costs
INCREASE Cow Fertility
BALANCE Your Soils
IMPROVE Fertiliser Efficiency
REDUCE Milk Fever/ Grass Tetany

After conducting the soil sampling we will then apply our excellent dairy or grassland program to meet the needs of your farm.

We are continuously working for YOU!!!!

We regularly carry out trials all over Ireland to ensure our products deliver excellent results. Providing us with the ability to provide you with advice that puts more money in YOUR POCKET.
Call now to hear how you can get FREE ADVICE with your soil sample

We are market leaders in Ireland for biological products, these products are on the cutting edge of technology, leading to increased yields and better soil condition for you. So call now to find out what merchants stock our excellent products.

So what are you waiting on, Contact us now on 041 6871917 to hear about our excellent trial results and to hear how we can help you grow healthy crops and healthy profits.

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Precision Nutrition Products:

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